Shortly after spending some time talking to Joe Guy and coming to terms with his busy world, we ventured our way to the Chamber of Commerce in Etowah, Tennessee. Here we were introduced to a gentleman by the name of Durant Tullock. A born and raised local man, Durant runs the Museum and Camber of Commerce.

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Well, now for a little history on Etowah. The town was founded in 1906 as a mid-way station between Atlanta and Cincinnati. The L&N (Louis & Nashville) railway required a place to service their cars & change work crews. A space in McMinn county was bought up and a new town was established. Etowah, also, is the only town that still offers passenger tours on their ‘historic loop’ up into the hills that was built back in 1898. One can only imagine what it took to walk into the country-side, plan a railway and carve out a path nearly by hand. Etowah, in it’s 100 plus years of existence has made a name for itself as a wholesome friendly town were everyone knows and respects their fellow citizens.


Above, a Polaroid of Durant Tullock and us in front of the Etowah Chamber of Commerce.

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