Arriving late to Nashville, Tennessee we were invited to join in on an enjoyable local evening out on the town, the next morning we returned to attempt our luck. We met a gentleman, who actually approached us as Drake was creating his sketch of the river. Gregg Ellis, who grew up in Santa Barbara, California– the last place I spent an extended stay at. Gregg, a musician is currently enjoying the local scenes, and in turn has found himself a new home. He has been local for 14 months now and says “People here are most inviting, not like other cities.” He seems very content with his current place in life.

Gregg grew up traveling the west-coast living in Reno, Lake Tahoe and many other places. After some time, he naturally met a girl, got married and moved to Cape May, New Jersey. After a great time on the east-coast, He and his wife went their separate ways and he picked up some of his travels. An unfortunate passing in the family moved him to Nashville to take care of his brother. He now mingles with the locals and enjoys the town for what it is: The musical heart of America.

After spending a little time hanging out and talking to Gregg, he suggested we look up a friend of his that lives in Santa Barbara. He passed his info on to us and I’m sure once we hit Santa Barbara, we’ll give him a call. We had a great little conversation and then began our trip out towards St. Louis.


Above, Drake and I with Gregg Ellis, in front of the Hard Rock Cafe.

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We chose this location because of the leading lines. We felt the perspective and direct attention to the sketch worked as a perfect adaptation. We wish we had more time in Nashville, the people were all very friendly and open.