Today we met our first individual. Joe Guy is the Sheriff of McMinn County, Tennessee. We went to the McMinn County Correctional Facility, located in Athens to interview and take his picture.

Republican, Joe Guy has been the Sheriff to McMinn County for nearly three years. Formerly, he worked as the assistant to the County Mayor. After some years of being a local individual and living with the people, he chose to run for Sheriff and join a somewhat different perspective of local government.

Using his slogan of ‘Experience, Education & Integrity’ he began his campaign and ran against his Uncle David Guy. In good spirits, they both used fun slogans with a slight play on words. David Guy: “The right Guy” and Joe Guy: ‘Joe is the right Guy for sure.’

Since being elected as the new Sheriff, Joe has made a big difference as a local and trustworthy official of the law. One of his bigger accomplishments has been his job to control and minimize a huge problem to his area. McMinn County has had an unfortunate issue with a drug that has swept the nation as one of the most destructive and socially damaging substances ever created. Methamphetamines have created a social unrest and has hurt many communities around the country. McMinn county has felt it worse than many others. knowing that they had one of the highest percentage of users and cookers, Sheriff Joe Guy knew he had a job ahead of him. With this in mind he was positive and passionate in the fact hat he was going to make a difference.

After working diligently to control the creation and output of this deadly substance, the locals have seen a dramatic decrease of 30% to 40% of available meth. In the world of drug-abuse and sales, this is a huge success. He now continues to help balance this with the help of the locals that care to clean their town and become a wholesome community once more.

Joe Guy has also done many other noteworthy things in his community. He has written a book on McMinn County history, which was very interesting. It is formatted from a selection of years worth of articles written in a local newspaper. When asked about his new position and whether he enjoyed what he was doing, Joe responded with ‘This has been the best job I have ever had.’ He said this with honesty and a bright smile, signifying his love for his community and fellow man.

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On the wall inside the Justice Center, we found a poem written by Joe Guy up on the wall of the waiting room. I found it to be valid to his current and future endeavours:

  • Blessed are the Peacemakers
  • Who’ve walked upon these grounds
  • In the faces on these walls
  • Their pride and courage still are found.
  • And when you pass this way, recall
  • Fallen comrades brave and bold
  • And find yourself a worthy heart
  • To wear their Badge of Gold.

Joe Guy

McMinn County Sheriff’s Department

Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy

Class 718


Above, you can find our first Polaroid photograph of Drake and myself with Joe Guy outside the correctional facility in Athens, Tennessee after taking his portrait.

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