Once again, welcome to our blog– affectionately named after the obvious fact that this is a ‘Across The USA’ style project. Now, we are pretty sure that we aren’t the only ones doing exactly the same thing– well maybe not ‘exactly the same…’ So, please allow me to explain:

Well, this story began a few years ago when Drake wanted to visit me out in California. He planned a trip and stayed two weeks traveling with me and enjoying the weather. The following year he scored himself an internship at Zoic Studios in Los Angeles. At this post-production studio he spent several weeks working with a many great and truly talented people. After a short while, he began growing a true interest in the southern California life. Drake returned to Delaware with a plan in mind– a vision of a future spent mingling, learning and collaborating with the film, photographic and post-production industries that have not only made LA & California great, but also the entire artistic vision of modern American entertainment.

My story is slightly different… I have already had the privilege of spending a few amazing years in Santa Barbara, California. I originally ventured out to this spot because I felt in need for a more inspiring environment to study photography. After a few years of practicing and learning under some of the great local teachers at the Brooks Institute of Photography, I returned to Delaware to plan and pursue my future goals…

This summer marked a convenient occasion that would allow both Drake and myself to attempt a short but well-planned cross-country trip. As mentioned, Drake discovered a new-found love for southern California and decided he was going to move out west to try his luck in Santa Monica and re-connect with some of the people he met the previous year. My decision to join the adventure laid in the simple yet inescapable fact that I wanted to travel and take pictures… Or maybe, I just need to pick up my stuff that I placed in storage months ago. 🙂 Either way, we both knew this would mark the perfect opportunity to develop a well structured set of projects.

As a photographer, I highly enjoy meeting new individuals. With this in mind, I wanted to do a project that went in the photo-story direction. A photograph or portrait accompanied with a short paragraph or article seemed like a solid human-interest piece that yielded value on many levels.

For the second project, I wanted something that would easily bring both my talents and Drake’s together in one image. A simple yet effective idea for this was charcoal. As we travel, Drake would do an abstract charcoal sketch on a pad of a given scene we would come across. Once the sketch was completed, he would hold it up and allow the sketch to connect within our perspective.

Naturally, the final project would be a more straightforward style of what one would expect from travel photography– a little photo-journalism, night time long exposures, fall colors, street signs, out-of-car shots and panoramics. There is allot to photograph out there, so we both hope you will show an interest in our little production and follow us across the USA.

Much Love,

Walter Krogh Sites