Before we get into today’s project, I would like to explain a few things about the style of the portraits captured. Some time back, when I was interning for a very talented photographer in Santa Barbara, I had the opportunity to witness the creation of a very interesting project. Eliot Crowley, my mentor at the time, would travel this road north and meet interesting people along the way. He would talk to them, get to know them a little and ask if they wouldn’t mind being photographed for his project. I found inspiration in these ideas and the way they were captured. A few year later and with the upcoming travel opportunity, I decided I would attempt a similar but not precisely the same style project. I opted to use a few similar shooting techniques with a couple personal adjustments. In my vision, the lighting would be about 45 degrees of camera axis and should be a harsh light source– allowing for a pool of light to bring the viewer’s attention to that individual. Also, I wanted to include some words on these people and the area we were currently in. With these modifications, I hoped to create something a little different yet more unique to my capture styles.