In the process of clearing out my storage unit in Carlsbad, I found myself donating many thing to The Salvation Army. After making four runs to them and delivering car-loads of things I accumulated over the past years, I felt it appropriate to take Darens’ picture. Daren, A fun and friendly individual wondered how many more times I was going to swing by– he was surprised at all the things I was giving up.

Daren found himself in a struggle some time ago, attempting to come to terms with his addictions he found himself a great support group and went through the ARC program. He says “It did me so much good” as he begins to explain a bit about his past. Daren worked as a store-clerk at The Salvation Army and now organizes the donation truck, he’s been doing so for a little over a year now.

Born and raised in Sacramento, Daren is a true Californian at heart. He’s friendly, laid back and takes a pretty broad view of life and the world. He is a trained dye-cutting pressman and hopes to return to this career once he is sure and comfortable that his addictions and his foundation for life is secured and under control. He seems as if he has made some serious progress and with the closing of this Salvation Army location after 25 years of service he will attempt to pursue his desires and hopes for the future.


Here, Daren and I hanging out at The Salvation Army donation truck. We talked for some time as we drank some coffee and enjoyed conversing with others that were donating clothes and other valuable things.

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