Unfortunately, after spending more time out west and in the mid-west, I found that I had lost time to explore the rest of the country. I ended up having to drive straight through to the east-coast after Santa Fe, New Mexico. It’s a shame because there is truly so much more to see!

As a project for the winter I may continue and re-structure this project with some day trips throughout the east-coast. I will post links to these new projects as they are created and evolve.

I would also like to thank everyone who has visited and continued to check back to this blog over the past month. Our hits now exceed 2000, which may not seem much in the relm of mass-media, yet it kinda makes me happy nonetheless. So, thanks for all the support and the comments everyone. I hope you will check back soon as I still need to finish applying some much-needed polish to this project 🙂

All other travel pics and other works from this trip will be posted soon on my other blog and on my web-page… Have a look below:



Also, I will be attending the PDN Photo Plus Expo and Conference in New York for four days coming up. I’m sure there will toned of information to soak in and hopefully share with everyone. If anyone is interested, as a side project I will be documenting much of these seminars and share some information with you on my new blog: