While out walking the beach at sunrise, I ran into a lady walking her dog. We walked and talked together for a little bit. Kavita is born and raised in Hollywood, but has been traveling most her life. For several years she ventured the country in her purple RV. She loves to explore and visit new places and shares these experiences with her dog ‘Hap’ for happy. Kavita has severe narcolepsy and Hap is her service dog. “He has saved my life many times. I wouldn’t be here without Hap” she explains.

Kavita now roams from camp to camp and stays extended periods so she can truly explore the areas in-depth. She loves the lifestyle and the people she meets: “It is always a new adventure and if it weren’t fun, I wouldn’t it?” She has traveled most of the country and expressed a true love for The Old Spanish Moss Trail in Louisiana.

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Here, Kavita and I at the beach during sunrise.

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