So, today marks the mid-way point of my trip. Drake and I are in Pacific Beach, San Diego. We have now put about 5460 miles on his car, driving zigzag through the country. Unfortunately, this is the farthest point that Drake will be joining for this trip. He has now found a place to live in Santa Monica, California and will be returning there tomorrow. I will be staying with a good friend here in San Diego for a few days to take care of some loose ends and to empty my storage unit. This will mark the end of my living experience in California, now reaching a solid five years on the west-coast. I will begin my return trip to Delaware with a quick stint in LA and Santa Barbara.

With the week or so drive back east, I will be continuing the portrait project that has become my life for the past two weeks. Drake and I have met so many unique individuals from all over the United States. We have shared conversations, information and laughs with these amazing people. Traveling back on my own, may prove to be pretty lonely. However, if I give myself something to occupy my time with such as this project I may find myself quite busy.

Below, you will find most of the portraits taken so far! Check back frequently to see what’s new and where the trip’s going from here.

Thank you to everyone who has shown an interest in our blog! In the nine days that we’ve had the blog running, we have scored over 700 hits. We thank you for the comments, the views and all the support you have given us along the way! Also, thank you to everyone who has taken us in, hooked us up with places to sleep and even fed us some delicious foods, you are the best!

Much Love!!!

Above: Drake and I at Sioux Falls, South Dakota.