A long time Geyser enthusiast, Jake visits Yellowstone at least one time a year. If work allows, he tries to make his way out as often as possible. Jake lives in Denver, Colorado and enjoys the occasional drive farther out west. As we were talking, I heard a voice call out over a two-way in his pocket. I asked him whether he worked at the park. Jake said that many Geyser enthusiasts carry 2-ways to communicate eruptions, sightings and predictions so they may be able to witness some of the less predictable eruptions. Jake stays in Yellowstone for about a week at a time and seems to have much patience– he had been sitting on this railing for a while now. Here, Jake is waiting for a small Geyser, named Tilts’ Baby to erupt. Supposedly there used to be a geyser named Tilt, but had been buried many years ago by an event.

Jake gave me some excellent suggestions on pools and geysers to visit while on my stay. He also named a few trails that I will need to attempt at a later time. Unfortunately our time here in Yellowstone was very limited, as every stop on our trip has been. It all just seems as if someone placed a five-star dish in front of you, allowed you to take a single bite, then proceeded to remove said dish and make you crave for more.


Jake and I at 8am in Yellowstone park awaiting a Geyser eruption.

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Above at the Excelsior Geyser, We attempted this sketch. Every couple of seconds it would cloud up so much, that we couldn’t see a thing. This also made it more difficult to photograph the sketch within the scene because most of the time we had nothing to connect it to, nothing to compare distance or perspective to.