We Left Jackson, Wyoming early in the morning to start our drive to Yellowstone Park. On our way in we opted to explore the Grand Teton National Park. After spending half the day driving around, we began to head towards Yellowstone as not to miss sunset at a Geyser. On our Way out we came across a couple beautiful classic cars. The entire trip thus far, one of the images I was hoping to capture was someone out for a country-side ride in an old luxury vehicle.

Right on the edge of the Grand Tetons, we saw a couple more cars in a parking lot. A man was out of his car, photographing it in front of the mountain-scape. Drake asked me if I wanted him to pull a u-turn so I may try to get a picture. A split second response from me was ‘do it,’ so we whipped around and parked the car.

Glen, Mary-Lynn and Patty were doing a semi-annual scenic drive. Depending on the location and season, they drive one of a couple of classic cars they own. Among these are a classic Mercedes Gull-Wing and a 56′ Mercedes S named Blue Bird. Part of a car club, Glen is one of 14 others that fly their cars out to exotic locations for these leisure drives.

From Seattle, Washington, Glen and his friends from the South Bay Area love their sports and antique vehicles. They had just seen Yellowstone and were now making their way towards Paso Robles, California.

–> Information on the Grand Teton National Park coming soon!!!


right- Glen, Drake and I in front of his antique vehicle enjoying the most amazing day to tour the Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks.

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We chose this location for two main reasons. The colors here were truly awesome, allowing for additive contrast between the sketch and the country-side. Also, we had a great view of Grand Teton, what an amazing place!