From Boseman, Montana, Bill Wise has been a part of the Park Ranger service for the past 30 years. His career decision was made when he first visited Yellowstone National Park as a young boy. He began as a Ranger in the Smokey Mountains and eventually made his way here. His love for the surrounding nature and his interest in the geysers, pools, springs and falls can be found in his entire demeanor. He speaks of Yellowstone as if he has always been there– without it, he’d be lost. Much like me, I always require a large body of water close by (the ocean.)

Yellowstone National Park is known for some of the roughest and coldest winters in the continental United States. He told us a couple chilling stories of such times. He made mention to outdoors gear they required during these seasons & preparations one would need to make, just to exit the house. If one didn’t take meticulous care and make some of these preparations, it could be life-threatening. Bill, even told us, that after so many winters spent snow-skiing through the park, he had now lost all feeling in the tips of his fingers.

Bill Wise, an outdoors man at heart loves all things ‘nature.’ When he was younger he even bread Black Labs for the Police Departments and Fire Rescue. This being his favorite breed of dog, he loved this portion of our conversation. Unfortunately, we were only able to steal Bill away from his duties for about 20min– he was needed back at the Old Faithful visitors center.


Bill Drake and I standing in front of Ols Faithful as she erupts. I love this polaroid, it has a dynamic/classic perspective.

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