Here at Four Mile Village, an old ghost town and tour, we spent an hour or so walking and taking pictures. On our way out I asked the young man working the register if he’d be interested in having his picture taken, he agreed but suggested we talk to his grandmother Mary. Matthew Krogman went and fetched his grandmother. She was excited to be a part of the picture and welcomed the conversation about her world.

Originally from Pipe Stone, Minnesota, Mary has been living on the outer edge of Custer County for 17 years now. She’s been running Four Mile ever since. Mary had a vision of an educational set-up that allowed children to see, touch & learn from what the old-west may have been like. It took us about an hour to walk through, there was much to see! Mary sported a black hat with feathers and a chewed at a cigar, below you can find her at the entrance to Four Mile. The two goats just hang out in the front area, should anyone choose to have their picture taken by the ‘Wanted’ sign. This was a great experience and Mary was tons of fun to be around, just such a friendly & happy individual!

–> Information on Four Mile Village coming soon!!!

This shoot presented a unique challenge, we had to get the goats to stand where we wanted them to. We used food to kind-of bribe them and it worked, after some time. This is one of my favorite sets of images thus far.


We left Four Mile and began our drive towards Mt. Rushmore. We took Rt16 that led us on a beautiful drive through the Black Hills of South Dakota. Since this time of year is perfect for such drives, the fall colors were as vibrant as can be. On this stretch we encountered our first Deer, and a lonely Bison. Off in the distance after climbing a small mountain and winding down the other side, Mt. Rushmore became visible. At one point a small tunnel perfectly framed the sculpture off in the mountain side, this was a most fantastic perspective!