While walking around Sioux Falls, I came across a family taking some pictures of a little girl dressed in Native American clothing. As always, my interest peaked and I was promptly engaged in conversation. The little girl’s name is Lesleen, which is a combination of both her mothers’ (Eileen) and fathers’ (Les) names. They live on a reservation about 45min from Sioux Falls in Mission, South Dakota. The family was in town for an art market and Wacipi Pow Wow. This Pow Wow is a celebration of spirituality, nature and tradition. It brings Native American Peoples from all across the country together for a fun-filled time of dance, music and excitement.

Lesleens’ father Les is a singer and performs as part of the Pow Wow. Lesleen herself is all dressed up for a little contest. She wears a crown (hat) that represents her community and will compete in ‘Little Miss Parmelee.’ Here, Lesleen will showcase traditional dance techniques. She is an adorable young girl, and I’m sure she blew everyone away!

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Above, a Polaroid of me with the family. They are friendly people and were very open to helping with my project. Since Drake was out taking pictures elsewhere, this is the only shot he hasn’t been a part of. I actually had the father of the girl hold the flash for me as I took her picture. Just goes to show, one can find a good assistant anywhere you go.

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Here, a nice perspective of Sioux Falls. We liked this view because it had a few man-made structures, and the flowing water together. The sketch-pad is actually blocking another falls in the background but therefore Drake has it drawn onto the paper instead.